The Berkshire Lieutenancy

The Lord-Lieutenant is appointed by the King to be his personal representative in Berkshire. He is assisted by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and by Deputy Lieutenants – currently 29 in Berkshire.

As The King’s representative in the County, it is the Lord-Lieutenant’s first and foremost duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown. In addition to his specific tasks, he follows the example of the Royal Family in promoting a good atmosphere and a spirit of co-operation through the encouragement he gives to voluntary service and charitable organisations, and by the interest he takes in the business, industrial and social life of the County.

His role is strictly non-political and the Lord-Lieutenant, Vice Lord-Lieutenant and all Deputy Lieutenants are unpaid. All remain strictly neutral in political matters, both national and local.

The Lord-Lieutenant undertakes the following essential duties:

Royal visits
The Lieutenancy arranges royal visits to organisations in Berkshire.

This role includes submitting invitations, and suggesting day programmes of visits.

Heads of State
The Lord-Lieutenant receives Heads of State visiting the County. He is presented to visiting Heads of State at the beginning of those state visits based in Windsor.

Presenting Medals and Awards
The Lord-Lieutenant presents medals and awards on behalf of The King. These include the Elizabeth Cross, the British Empire Medal, The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

UK National Honours
The Lord-Lieutenant gives discreet assistance to the Cabinet Office’s Honour and Appointments Secretariat in supporting the assessment of nominations for honours and in encouraging good nominations and increasing public awareness of the honours system.

The Queen’s Awards for Voluntary Service
The Lord-Lieutenant promotes the Awards and encourages nominations. The initial part of the County assessment process for this Award is organised by the Lord-Lieutenant.

Royal Garden Parties
The Lord-Lieutenant nominates guests from all parts of the County to attend Royal Garden Parties.

The Lord-Lieutenant is Chairman of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace for Berkshire. Advisory Committees are responsible for recommending the appointment of Justices of the Peace in the County to the Lord Chancellor and for ensuring the good conduct of magistrates.

Citizenship Ceremonies
Members of the Lieutenancy normally attend Citizenship Ceremonies when new citizens take the Oath of Allegiance and become British Citizens.

The Armed Forces
The Lord-Lieutenant supports the Armed Forces in Berkshire and gives particular support to the Reserve Forces and the Cadet Forces in the County.

Local Government and the emergency services
The Lord-Lieutenant in Berkshire has close ties with all six unitary authorities and with the key emergency services.

Local Communities
The Lord-Lieutenant’s links with community, industrial and social life in the county provide one of the best opportunities for the encouragement of a sense of community in the county or area and for the promotion of voluntary activity for the benefit of the community. It is in these areas that Lord-Lieutenants often have the biggest impact on the community. Lord-Lieutenants often act as a catalyst and bridge builder and a focus for key parts of the life of the County.


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