Badges uniform and etiquette

Badges and Uniform
When representing The King and on certain other official occasions, male Lord-Lieutenants wear a military-style navy blue uniform with scarlet stripes on the trousers and a scarlet band round the peaked cap.


Uniform is optional for female Lord-Lieutenants. If not in uniform their Badge of Office features the Tudor rose surmounted with a crown on a bow of white and magenta – the Lieutenancy colours.

Similarly male Vice Lord-Lieutenants wear a military uniform and female Vice Lord-Lieutenants wear a Badge of Office.

When representing the Lord-Lieutenant, Deputy Lieutenants may wear special badges which again depicts the Tudor Rose; Men wear the badge with a neck ribbon (below left); ladies wear the badge as a brooch (below right)


The Lord-Lieutenant is The King’s personal representative in Berkshire.

The Lieutenancy Officer is able to give advice on all aspects of protocols and procedures; please contact her by phone or e-mail. There is also detailed written guidance available to hosts planning a visit from the Lord-Lieutenant or his representative.

Where the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend he may be represented by his Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, where the same protocols and precedence should be followed.

How to address the Lord-Lieutenant
Written: James Puxley, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Berkshire

Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant, or Dear Mr Puxley

In a speech preamble: “My Lord-Lieutenant

Conversation (on formal occasions): “Lord-Lieutenant” or “Mr Puxley


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