Royal visits and events

The Royal County of Berkshire often receives between 30-40 royal visits each year. These visits cover a wide range of activity in the county.

It is the formal duty of the Lord-Lieutenant, as Her Majesty's representative in the county, to receive royal visitors as they arrive and to be the last to say goodbye. The Lieutenancy Office is also heavily involved in co-ordinating royal visits and in advising hosts on many aspects of planning the visit. Look at the ‘About Royal Visits’ page for more details.

Every summer, The Queen hosts at least three garden parties at Buckingham Palace every summer, inviting about 8,000 guests to each one. It is yet another way in which she recognises the invaluable contribution to this country made by people from all walks of life. Lord-Lieutenants have a important role in recommending individuals from their county to attend Royal Garden Parties. Find out more on the ‘Royal Garden Parties’ page.

The Lord-Lieutenant has a further role in instigating, supporting or organising County events that often mark significant national or county events or special anniversaries. During the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Lieutenancy organised special events to mark these important anniversaries, often in the presence of The Queen.

The Lieutenancy is also closely involved in special County Services of Thanksgiving to commemorate significant events. The most recent of these services were held in 2014 with County Services of remembrance and reflection to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War. See the ‘County Services of Thanksgiving ’ page for more details.





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